U.S. Booking & Non-U.S. Booking Platforms

Within the U.S.
Komorebi Global
Offers Both

Brokerage and Advisory Account Services

For some U.S. accounts, we have formed a strategic partnership with Mariva Capital Markets. A privately held Miami-based broker-dealer, Mariva Capital Markets specializes in providing comprehensive institutional brokerage services to independent investment advisory firms such as Komorebi Global.

Komorebi Global offers both advisory and brokerage account services for both U.S. and non-U.S. clients (Non-Resident Alien). As an offshore jurisdiction, there are numerous benefits for non-U.S clients to open accounts in the US.  For example the safety and security of holding assets in the world’s largest capital market.  Also, the client does not need to visit the U.S. to open the account.

In order to extend these capabilities, we’ve partnered with Mariva Capital Markets to offer solutions particular to your needs.


Together, we’ll help you choose the appropriate vehicles in which to invest and manage your investments. With customized strategies, we can help you preserve, enjoy and transfer your wealth.

With access to global markets, trading relationships and a highly capable product and trading team, you’ll feel confident in your purchase of stocks, bonds and funds.

Working with multiple banks and custodians can create tremendous complexities and produce overlapping information. Mariva Capital uses technology and reporting platforms to consolidate your assets and investment performance in a digestible format.

Our advisors will take the time to understand your financial situation and recommend a plan or a solution tailored to your needs. We will help you manage your money based on your objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow needs and tax situation.

Make your excess liquidity work for you. Get competitive rates in money market instruments, including FDIC-insured money markets products and other short term investments.

Primary Custodian for U.S. Accounts:

Pershing at a Glance

Pershing: Strength, Safety and Stability

Tax Implications for
Non-Resident Alien

For non-resident alien accounts, it is important to be aware of any associated implications when it comes to taxes. For example, there is only US estate taxes on individual US equities if the client passes away.  There are no taxes on ETFs, Funds or Bonds.

The best solution is for a Non-Resident Alien to open their account with a non-U.S. corporation such as a corporate structure from Malta, BVI or Cayman. In this case, if the non-resident passes away, the taxable estate will not include the value of the U.S. equities because they are held by a foreign corporation and not the non-resident directly. Clients should obtain tax and legal advise on their specific situation.

Non-U.S. Booking Platform

We have capabilities to open and manage accounts in various jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE, Switzerland, EU, UK and Bahamas. Whether your needs are advisory or discretionary, Komorebi can guide you in making the appropriate investment mandates you have in mind. 

What Does It Mean to Be Advisory?

Clients are provided advice, recommendations and guidance. Investment decisions and transactions are not implemented without client approval.

What Does It Mean to Be Discretionary?

A discretionary account is one in which the investment manager makes trades, buying or selling securities, in an investor’s account without the investor’s approval.

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